Termika špric

Manufacturing company: Termika A.D., Zrenjanin, Serbia

Type of the product: Dry building blend.

Product:  Contact syringe pearlite mortar

Code of the product: Cement, lime, additive.

Code of the product: 6801056

Naziv of the product: Termika špric ( Termika syringe)



Termika syringe is used when installing the perlite mortar, with a mission to improve the adhesion of the mortar to the substrate.

Methods of use

Contents of the bag pour in building a 100-liter mixer which has 28 liters of water in it. Mix for 5 minutes, namely until the lumps of dry material don’t  break up.

Termika syringe is applied on well prepared surface and while still wet  over it it is applied perlite mortar Supermal.

Declaration of the product

SRPS ISO 9001:2015


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