Recommendations for the implementation of Perfit during filtration in a vorticular vacuum filter

 Procedure for making suspensions.

                The suspension is made in a dedicated cruse with a blender, in the presence of water or material which needs  filtration. In this process it is important that the front suspension for application of filtration  layer  be as homogeneous as possible. In addition, the suspension must not be too thick. Depending on the capacity of the cruse  for mixing suspensions, it determines the amount of the starting materials for making the prime layer of the filtration cake. If the suspension is too dense, there is real danger of creating a blob on the "cake", so you can easily rupture filtration layer in this area, due to the uneven flow of filtrate in the cross section where the lumps are.

In the case that the power is too diluted, the process of applying the layer of the filtration is prolonged and therefore reduces the efficiency of device.

Thermal insulation

 THERMAL INSULATION - The general trend in the construction industry in the world is to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, and Perlite as such found wide application.

THERMAL INSULATION – Perlite – natural alum-silicate material of vulcanic origin

Expansion at high temperatures obtained material with excellent thermal characteristics, very stable, in time does not lose its characteristics as other thermal insulation materials and withstands high temperatures (over 1000oC).

About perlite

Perlite is generic name for aluminosilicate material of volcanic origin. Raw perlite in nature is found in rock shape. Depending on deposit perlite chemical composition varies.


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